Jeremy D. Cherry is a designer creating hope through brands and screens at Journey Group in Charlottesville, Virginia.
   Posts recent work on Dribbble
   Writes about design on Medium
   Speaks about design at events
   Wrote a book titled Design Does

Selected Writing

Creating Users, Not Addicts
A tech-obsessed culture calls for more responsible design

Better Design for Boomers
Creating a more accessible web that my parents can actually use

Thinking Beyond Screens
How to avoid dark UX patterns and practice responsible design

A Minefield of Assumptions
Designing for real problems without creating more of them

Breaking Your Own Rules
Creating a digital brand system that encourages creativity

*Full CV available upon request.

Design Does is a book that explores responsible design for humans. It seeks to be equal parts manifesto and practical guide. It's for designers of all disciplines. Simply put, it lives wherever you live. It’s free, and you can start reading it any time you’d like. Though it exists as a complete volume, it seeks to evolve alongside the community it serves. May we design with purpose.

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